-Our Mission-

Our Mission

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The E3 club would like to create some small changes as a result of increased environmental problems in the world. Huge organizations along with experts around the globe are trying to tackle various issues for a better future. We would like to take an initiative to bring some small changes in the very busy society we live in. This would be the first step of the club. Saving the environment is our responsibility, and like mathematics and science, it's imperative that we teach Environmental responsibility by incorporating potential ways to save our environment in daily scenarios. That said, educating and spreading awareness is not, in essence, the ultimate goal, it is just part of the process. It is often said that, actions towards bringing a small change is indeed an achievement. This not only addresses the issue, but inspires all members of the club to take part in fighting this crisis. This club is a platform for everyone interested in practically applying their knowledge and interests in sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and environmental sciences) and math. It also aims to bring a change in those who take nature and the environment for granted, to all the ones who pollute carelessly, the ones who has very small knowledge about the problems, and also, to the ones who are getting affected. We are here, to make it clear that if this isn’t solved right now, it would result in a future no one would like to be a part of.