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Nipun Rustagi

Komma Ramesh Babu, who was a student of CHIREC IBDP year 2, has always been a curious and enthusiastic learner, moreover, a keen observer of his immediate surroundings. He likes to refer to himself as a young environmentalist, advocating for quick climate change. This is an area he takes a profound interest in, and over the years, with research and active involvement, he has gained extensive knowledge in the field. He is the Founder of E3 club and has been involved in various projects like “Composting bin” and “Planting drives” at CHIREC. In addition to these projects, Komma Ramesh Babu was also recognized by various organisations such as the GHMC, the UN Environmental Programme,and the Lung Care Foundation, for his altruistic efforts in the conservation of the environment. He sincerely hopes to continue pursuing his passion during his further studies and be an environmental scientist one day.

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